Beyers E-Vitol Wheat Germ Oil

$ 14.00

Wheat germ oil is ideal for preparing your pigeons for the breeding season. E-Vitol wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E, which stimulates the libido and therefore improves the breeding result. E-Vitol is also rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids. Mix 15 ml with 1 kg of food three times per week in preparation for the breeding season, from 14 days before the mating until the eggs have been laip. Tip: Give to the widowers the day before basketing during the racing season as a stimulant.


• 45 drops or 15 ml/kg pigeon food
• Three times per week from 14 days before mating until the eggs have been laid
• Give the day before basketing as a stimulant for widowers

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