Tollyamin Light Vet-Schroeder Tollisan

$ 29.80


Tollyamin 3 + beinhoud all important amino acids at a very high dose form. Electrolytes and vitamins B-complex are also present in this product. This is a product that Tollyamin 3 + year (Fly Season, Rui and culture) can be given. The amino acid L-Glutamine especially with L-methionine and L-lysin ensure a quick recovery after the flight. Administering Tollyamin 3 + the last 2 days before basketing creates a perfect condition (thanks to eg L-Carnitine and all B vitamins). During the breeding period, this product provides a perfect development of the youngsters. During the moulting period it is recommended to give this product every day in water (20 ml at 3 liters). Methionine, Lysine and Biotin are the guarantee for perfect moult. After inoculations or during treatment, it is recommendable to provide (together with the medication). Every day Tollyamin 3 + in the water

-Racing season: 20 ml (1 measuring cup) to 1 liter
(2 days after returning home, and two days before basketing)
-Breeding Period: 20 ml (1 measuring cup) to 1 liter
(3 days per week)
-Moult Season: 20 ml (1 measuring cup) 3 liters (every day).

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