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King Egg Food is a complementary food for all species of seed-eating birds. Because of its coarse structure this product is completely absorbed and contains all the vital nutrients for young and adult birds during the resting, breeding, and moulting season: (animal and vegetable) proteins, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

King Egg Food is composed of quality ingredients: egg, honey,… Thanks to the additional honey King Egg Food is ready for use.

Instructions for use:
To be fed straight to the birds or can be completed with germinated seeds, vegetables and/or fruit.
• Resting period: feed 2 to 3 times weekly 1/4 of a daily ration of King Egg Food.
• Breeding season: feed birds with King Egg Food as much as they like.
• Moulting period: feed 1/4 of a day’s ration of King Egg Food on a daily basis.

Complementary food for birds.

Ingredients: bakery products, egg and egg products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, sugars, oils and fats, minerals.

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