Dac 5 in 1 mix All In One powder

by DAC
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Defending Mix 5 in 1 All - in -One 100 gram

Indications: Can(trichomoniasis, hexamitasis), paratyphoid,E-coli and bacterial infections in general.

Symptoms:Loss of weighted general condition, the droppings are slimy and green, legs, wings, joints are swollen, eggs are infertile, they sometimes twist the neck on the side, young bird sickness, sudden death.

Administration: 1 measuring spoon (=5g) for 2 liters drinking water 1 or 2 days every 2 weeks preferably starting the day after the race or show exhibition.

As a treatment: 1 measuring spoon (=5 g) for 2 liters drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days. This cure may be repeated if necessary after a few days of probiotics. 

General Care is a water soluble powder which can also be given under the feed.

Instructions Before Use

  • store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0-30 deg C.
  • shelf life after first opening 1 year
  • Batch and expiry date see package
  • Avoid contact of the medicine with your hands
  • Keep out of reach of children. 


Trimethoprim 2,5%

Sulfadiazine Sodium 12,5%

Sepsinol 5,0%

Ronidazole 8,0%

Chlor-tetra-cyclin HCL 8,0%

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