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Dac Cocci 50 Tablets

by Dac
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Coccitabs, which are used individually in pigeons for the treatment of coccidiosis, are preventive and healing!
Dose: 1 tablet per pigeon (per 500 grams of body weight).
In most cases, this product can possibly be combined with other DAC medicines.

Package: 50 tablets

General productinformation:
Before you delve into this DAC brochure, we would like to give you some general information about the DAC medicines first. From our years of experience, a number of frequently recurring questions from enthusiasts have emerged, which may also prove interesting for you, such as:

Why are no vitamins mixed by the DAC medicines?
Because vitamins, in a package that has been opened, have a shelf life of up to six months, while the medicine has a much longer shelf life. There are also vitamins that block the optimal functioning of certain medicines. In short: it is better to provide good fresh vitamins after a cure.

Why is there on different DAC medicines besides a dose per liter of drinking water = 20 pigeons or 10 kilos of live weight?
It is assumed that “20 kilos of pigeons” will consume about 2 liters of drinking water per day. However, this is an average. Because animals drink less when it is cold and when it is warm, DAC gives the drinking water dose immediately how many grams you have to administer per kilo of live weight (ie the amount of medicine per animal or kilogram per day, which must be included for proper functioning). ). If you want to provide medicines via the drinking water, always give them in a quantity of drinking water that you are sure will be made up in one day. This is to prevent you from disposing of a portion of the medicine with a small amount of drinking water, as a result of which your animals absorb too little of this. For the sake of completeness: 1 racing pigeon weighs 400 to 500 grams, so 1 kilo of live weight is about 2 racing pigeons.

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