Natural Naturamine+ (500ml)

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Natural Naturamine+


Tonic consisting of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids

Natural Naturamine is assimilated very easily by the pigeon organism.

During the racing season Natural Naturamine enhances the pigeon’s physical condition. Natural Naturamine is the ideal supplement during the breeding and moulting season.  During these two periods additional administration of minerals and trace elements is essential.

Regular use of Natural Naturamine guarantees a successful breeding season, healthy young birds, pigeons in top condition and a perfect moult.

The Naturamine minerals and oligo-elements in liquid form are very well tolerated and absorbed as opposed to the solid substances of which only a very small percentage is absorbed, resulting in a much smaller positive effect.

By adding important amino acids such as lysine which is important for the pigeon’s growth process and cholin for enhanced functioning of the liver and through its specific composition, Natural Naturamine is a very efficient tonic for the pigeon’s physical condition and overall health condition.

  • Improves physical condition
  • Improves growth
  • Enhances the functioning of the liver
  • Stimulates the formation of hemoglobin of the red blood cells
  • Guarantees a silky-soft plumage

Instructions for use

Initial dose

5 ml - 1 coffee spoon per litre of drinking water


Before starting the maintenance dose a course of treatment during 5 consecutive days with a 5 ml dose per litre of drinking water must be followed.

Maintenance scheme
Racing season

Once per week after the return from a race.

Breeding season

Two to three times weekly from pairing up to the time of weaning off.

Moulting season

Twice weekly during the entire moulting season.

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