Rohnfried Kieselgur Pulver 600g

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Röhnfried Kieselguhr PUR

Natural diatomaceous earth, also called kieselguhr, for use in the chicken coop, in the rabbit hutch, and in the house and garden. Ideal for binding moisture in the barn and significantly improving the climate in the barn.

· Binds moisture

· Better stable climate

· Versatile in use

Diatomaceous earth is obtained from deposits of fossil diatoms that are thousands of years old. These diatoms, also known as diatoms, are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. For comparison: there are around a billion diatom shells and their fragments for every milliliter of pure diatomaceous earth. The algae lime removed and dried in a special process has a very low specific weight. The structure is extremely pore-rich. As a result, the fine powder has a very high absorbency, which we use with Röhnfried Kieselguhr PUR.

Note: Respiratory protection and protective goggles should be worn when applying the very fine powder!

Composition: 1000g / kg kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth)

Application recommendation

Dry application:

Regularly powder nests, stable floors, corners, cracks, litter and the like with Kieselguhr PUR.

Liquid application:

Thoroughly mix 1/5 kieselguhr PUR with 4/5 water. This mixture can be applied throughout the barn with a brush or a garden sprayer.

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