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Versele-Laga Classic 15% With Corn Food

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Some pigeons are a little corny, and these birds will tend to favor Versele-Laga Classic Pigeon Food Blends 15% With Corn Bird Food. It’s made with corn and other air-fowl delicacies, so it’s perfect for fine feathered friends who are feeling peckish. One of Versele-Laga’s Classic pigeon blends, it offers quality ingredients at the most economical price possible.

Key Benefits
  • Made with corn.
  • Stimulates appetites and promotes health.
  • Supports active foraging behavior.
  • Triple cleaned to minimize fine particles and dust.
  • Offers quality ingredients at an affordable price.


Corn, Trapper Peas, Red Milo, Wheat, Maple Peas, Safflower, Barley, Austrian Peas, White Millet, Vegetable Oil.

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