Beyers Beeryeast (PROTE-INA)

$ 16.00

This top quality beeryeast is rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins. It can be used to get your pigeons up to the right level of fitness, for a healthy plumage and good bone structure. Prote-Ina helps to strengthen the natural resistance, whilst also stimulating the appetite and digestion. Prote-Ina Beeryeast can be given throughout the entire year, but preferably at the start of the week during the racing season.


• Mix 1 soup spoon (20 grams) with 1 kilo of pigeon food once or twice a week throughout the entire year, moistened with Amino Plus, Garlic Oil, Garlic Juice or Royal Jelly.
• Available in 600 gram cans, sufficient for 30 kg of food

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