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Dac Combi 3-in-1 Tabs 50 Tablets

by Dac
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Product Description

Combi-Tabs are a tablet form of treatment which is highly suitable for individual treatment of Coccidiosis, Trichomonades (Canker) and Hexamites for Racing Pigeons. Combi- Tabs can also be combined when necessary with other DAK medicines.
Within each pack of Combi-Tabs is 50 Tablets which are administered by hand down the throat.

For the treatment of Coccidiosis, Hexamites, and Trichomonades (Canker) with Combi-Tabs, please follow recommended dosage for preventive and curative treatment:

• Preventive Treatment: 1 tablet per Racing Pigeon for 1-2 consecutive days

• Curative Treatment: 1 Tablet per Racing Pigeon for 3-5 consecutive days.

Advise For Use:
o Quarantine sick animals
o Post Treatment of Daczol Tabs, give your birds DAC Multivitamins.

50 tablets

1 tablet per pigeon (per 500 grams of body weight).
In most cases, this product may be combined if necessary with other DAC medicines.

• This veterinary medicine is marked in accordance with the small animal exemption act.
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