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Dac Metronidazole 10% 10 g

by Dac
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Indication: Trichomoniasis (frown, frounce).
Trichomoniasis (frown, frounce) is caused by a flagellar protozoan in the mouth or in the gastrointestinal tract (hexamitiasis). Birds contract this disease, among other things, by eating prey contaminated with trichomonads (e.g. pigeons). The birds lose appetite and may refuse food.

Active ingredients: Metronidazole.

Dosage: 1 gram for 1 kg live weight, for 5-7 consecutive days, or as the expert prescribes.

Metronidazole 10% may be given over/in the food.
You can also mix the dosage with a small amount of water and administer it with the crop needle.
We advise you to dose accurately, use an accurate scale (D2000).
Can, if necessary, be administered simultaneously with other DAC medications.

Packaging: 10 grams/sachet.

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