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Dac Snotmix 200 g

by Dac
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Vitamins are a heterogeneous group of substances with respect to their chemical composition and function, show similarities to each other. Play a catalytic role in metabolic processes. A catalyst is a substance that enables or accelerates a reaction between other substances. In the long term, the body vitamins are lost. Therefore, they should complement reguladamente.
The need for the body has various vitamins varies considerably. The lack of vitamin is called vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiency is called vitamin deficiency.
The daily requirement of vitamins of birds is important as a vitamin deficiency can cause various problems, such as:

- Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to poor fertility, causes changes in the lining of the airways and the digestive system, which is an increased chance of infections, affecting vision.

- A deficit of vitamin B group: it can lead to nervous system disorders, retarded growth, and development of feathers, impaired fat metabolism, poor start chickens for eggs.

- The deficit of vitamin D can lead to rickets and poor eggshells.

INDICATIONS: super-concentrated multivitamin indicated for:
- Pheasants
- Perdices
- Ducks
- Hens and cocks
- Other poultry

- As only after medication dose: 5 g / 1 L water and 5 g / kg of feed 0.5
- As a maintenance dose, 2 times a week: 5 g / L water 2 or 5 g / 1 kg of food.

- Pot of 200 gr
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