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Dr. Brockamp Black Bird Vitamin Sirup 250 ml

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Vitaminated syrup for ornamental birds that improves the general condition. Its administration should be carried out throughout the year. This product is ideal to administer together with Probac Bird.

Black Bird contains a high proportion of the vitamin Biotin. It promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. A deficiency can lead to skin deposits, cracks in the beak or claws. a good metabolism forms the basis for the well-being of your birds.

Another important component to keep your birds healthy is folic acid. This vitamin supports the growth of your ornamental birds, promotes blood formation and strengthens the immune system. In this way, it prevents the formation of moths or discoloration of the plumage.

Of course, the B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12) are also included. Especially vitamin B12, which is indispensable for reproduction, since it can positively influence the formation of genetic material. Also during molting, it promotes the formation of healthy and vigorous plumage.

The Doctor. Brockamp has been producing high quality products for pigeon racing for many years and is using these experiences in the area of ornamental birds. Many successful breeders are completely convinced of its quality. Let yourself be convinced too!
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