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Dr. Brockamp Phyto 500 g

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Phytonutrients and fibre for regulating the water balance in the gastrointestinal tract

Regulating a racing pigeon‘s water balance plays a vital role for its health and performance. Excessive loss of water can flush key essential nutrients and minerals from the body, weakening the pigeon.

Well-bound „spherical“ droppings are always a sign of sound health.

Many phytonutrients and bulking agents have precisely this property of regulating the water balance.

The mixture contained in Phyto, which consists of various phytonutrients and bulking agents, such as chicory, carob flour and apple pectin, is able to regulate the water balance in the entire gastrointestinal tract. It also alleviates the symptoms of diarrhoea.

By using Phyto you will quickly see a dramatic improvement in the condition of your animals‘ droppings. Administration is therefore particularly recommended for diarrhoea or occasional thin and watery droppings.

Regular use of Phyto to dry the feed is highly recommended in the rearing phase. The young pigeons develop well and the droppings around the nest are always well bound.

During travel time we recommend adding Phyto to the feed on the evening of the flight day. The phytonutrients are a great aid for regeneration following the exertion of flight and the animals‘ droppings will quickly return to normal.

Recommended application:
Add 5-10 g Phyto to 1 kg of feed 2-3 times a week

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