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Kastle Pigeon Breeder Advantage 500 g

by Kastle
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Product information for Kastle Pigeon Breeder Advantage

 Product Categories: Supplements, Breeding Supplements, Probiotics, Molting Supplements, Feather Conditioners, Minerals, Yeast

 This product will help keep your valuable breeders at their peak and give their babies a head start in life. Strong, healthy babies are more likely to reach their potential. Breeder Advantage is especially recommended for those young pigeons being sent to other lofts to race where they will be exposed to new pathogens. Great for any bird in the off-season, too!

 Purpose: Provides nutrients to meet the increasing demands of reproductive function, aids in egg shell development and crop milk development. Special attention is given to hatching vigor, embryonic development and early immune system development to ensure your birds receive the strongest and healthiest start in life.

 Description: Successful young bird development starts with feeding the breeders. Breeding birds have heightened nutritional needs for reproductive function, egg shell strength, and crop milk epithelium development. 

 In addition to extra protein, Breeder advantage provides the trace minerals Copper, Manganese and Zinc, which birds need to build antioxidant enzymes. The demand for antioxidants increases in active tissues such as the reproductive tract and growing crop milk epithelium.

 Parental diet affects their own gut health and also heavily influences gut health in hatchlings. Chicks receive their first dose of gut microbes from the breeder and its environment. Prebiotics (mannan sugars) and lactic acid bacteria in the Breeder Advantage help the chick get a healthy and vigorous start.

 Schedule: Pre-breeding through separating young.

 Dosage: Begin using Breeder Advantage 4 weeks prior to pairing birds. Using your favorite oil to moisten feed, apply at a rate of 1 tablespoon using the enclosed scoop per 1 pound of feed.

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