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Dr. Brockamp Probac 1000 500 g

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Electrolyte and probiotic for the regeneration of intestinal flora

Probac 1000 contains a special combination of different, specific microorganisms in microencapsulated form as well as a unique combination of intestinal regulating carbohydrates. The different bacteria cultures reciprocally support the ability to actively populate the small intestine of the pigeon. They thereby help with the digestive processes, generate essential nutrients, stabilize the natural intestinal flora, and strengthen the immune system. They suppress illness-causing bacteria like coccidian, hexamine, E. coli, candida, and salmonella and thus effectively prevent intestinal illnesses. The natural intestinal flora is thus quickly and gently regenerated.

The regular administration of Probac 1000 increases natural powers of resistance, improves the utilization of fodder, promotes the desire to feed, and thus promotes increased performance. The pigeons have more energy available during the flight competition.
On the basis of its specific composition, Probac 1000 is the ideal electrolyte after the competition flight. The regeneration phase is significantly shortened. The excrement is already firmly bound again on the following morning and the down molting has already restarted. Harmful bacteria are quickly and naturally eliminated from the mucosa and intestinal villi and have no chance to embed themselves.


5 g Probac

1000 per 1 liter of drinking water or 1 kg of feed for 25 pigeons a day;
2 x weekly


Milk sugar, dextrose, magnesium acetate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride

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