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Rohnfried Avibac Stabilizer 1000 ml

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Avibac Stabilizer

The new Röhnfried strategy for a stable and healthy microflora in the pigeon loft:

The product stands out for special urban active bacteria to surfaces.

So the spreading of disease-causing germs is already fought in the pigeon loft and therefore prevents infection with disease-causing bacteria.

Probiotics are generally known from human nutrition, for example in yogurt.

The aim is to create a stable intestinal balance and to suppress sickening bacteria
This product has become well established.

  • Why get an infection in the first place in order to fight the bacteria afterward?
  • Would it not be more intelligent to prevent an infection in the first place?

Concerning that question, Röhnfried has developed a completely new and unique concept for the colonization of probiotics on surfaces in the loft. With the Avibac the risk of infection is reduced many times and a very healthy environment in the pigeon loft is formed.


Avibac Stabilizer is used at regular intervals for continuous colonization. While using the product the animals, feed, etc. can stay in the loft. Through the regular application of Avibac Stabilizer is not just build a healthy environment in the loft but also the health and shape of our pigeons are improved.

  • lofts: 100 ml Avibac Stabilizer for 50 m²
  • normally used lofts: 1-2 times a week
  • highly used lofts:: everyday
  • dilute the needed amount of Avibac Stabilizer, therefore mix one piece Avibac Stabilizer with two pieces of hand-hot water (activates the bacteria)
  • sprinkle this dilution sparingly on the whole area which has to be stabilized
  • pigeons, feed, etc. can stay in the loft
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