Per gram:

40 mg Ronidazole 
2.5 mg Vitamin C
0.48 mg Vitamin B2
2.5 mg Vitamin B12
2.5 mg Nicotinic acid
1.5 mg Manganese sulphate
0.2 mg Copper sulphate
5.0 mg Sodium sulphate
2000IU Vitamin A
0.2 mg Vitamin B1
0.25 mg Vitamin B6
1.0 mg Biotin
0.05 mg Folic acid
1.5 mg Zinc sulphate
1.5 mg Ferrous sulphate
3.0 mg Potassium chloride
0.75 mg D-calcium-Pantothenate 
0.35 mg Vitamin K3
500 IU Vitamin D3 
1.0 mg Vitamin E
0.5 mg Lysine
1.0 mg Methionine


RONIDAZOLE 40 is active against trichomoniasis and hexamitiasis and has a high therapeutic activity in pigeons infected by these protozoa. To improve bad condition of infected birds, RONIDAZOLE also contains a strong dose of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

Dosage and administration:

Orally via the drinking water.

General dose: 8 gram per 2 litres of drinking water (1 spoon =8 gram).

Prevention: every 3 weeks for 3 consecutive days.

Therapy: administer during 7 consecutive days.


Keep in a dry place away from children.