Versele-Laga Classic Racing Food

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If your prize pigeons are eating you out of house and home, Versele-Laga Classic Pigeon Food Blends Racing Bird Food may be the solution! It’s formulated to deliver the quality nutrition they need for strong athletic performance — in the most affordable way possible. This racing blend is made from corn and contains the ideal fat content for birds that burn a lot of calories. One of Versele-Laga’s Classic pigeon blends, it offers quality ingredients at the best price possible.

Key Benefits
  • Made from corn.
  • Designed specifically for racing pigeons.
  • Contains the optimal fat content to fuel athletic performance.
  • Triple cleaned to minimize fine particles and dust.
  • Offers quality ingredients at an affordable price.


Corn, Trapper Peas, Red Milo, Wheat, Safflower, Kafir Seed, Maple Peas, Austrian Peas, Long Grain Rice, White Millet, Flaxseed, Rapeseed, Vetch.

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