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Winners Licefree Refill 250 ml

by Winners
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Winners Licefree Concentrated solution for the control of red mites or blood lice in the cages of birds, pigeons and poultry. Apply Licefree to all surfaces, crevices and cavities where mites can be found. After atomizing the product, a fine white powder remains. The powder clings to the mites and immobilizes them. Licefree is non-toxic and contains no chemical pesticides! Given the physical mechanism, there is therefore no danger for resistance formation.

Instructions: 50 ml per litre water. Before you start using the product, remove or cover any feeding and drinking bowls. Spray by using a hand sprayer or pressure sprayer from 30 cm distance from all surfaces or perches, nests and nest bottom scales; also treat all corners, cracks and crevices where you can find mites. Repeat this treatment if red lice appear again or when the white layer of powder is to be covered by dust.
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