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Dr. Brockamp Carbo Powder 500 g

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For a high-performance musculature


The pigeon has primarily red muscle fibers. These have a small diameter and are very rich in myoglobin (red muscle pigment) and even richer in mitochondria, in which aerobic energy recovery takes place (energy recovery primarily of oxygen). The red muscle fibers are supplied extremely well with blood, the utilization of the supplied energy is very efficient in comparison to the work performed and the recovery phase after the heavy stress is shorter than with an animal with primarily white muscle fibers.

Musculature – training capacity – oxygen demand
The energy recovery within the muscle fibers can take place faster and more effectively by already training intensively before the beginning of the season. The pigeons should therefore be well-conditioned early on. A pigeon in very good condition has an increased metabolism and can therefore better supply the musculature with energy. A well-trained musculature has a higher degree of effectiveness and thus improved the utilization of energy reserves.

The pigeon requires approximately 5 times the amount of oxygen as the human just during rest. During the flight, the metabolism is increased another 10 fold. This makes it clear just how important it the ability to transport fatty acids (energy carriers) and oxygen from the blood as quickly as possible to the muscle cells is for the performance of the pigeon. The faster the process takes place, the more energy the pigeon can burn per time unit and change over into flight performance.

musculature CarboPower consists of 81% higher polysaccharides, which are extremely rich in energy and can be saved especially well in the musculature.

On the basis of its high energy values, CarboPower should first be administered together with C-M-C 2 days prior to the competition flight. 

Application recommendation:
Per 1-liter drinking water administers 10-15 g CarboPower together with 10 ml C-M-C per 1 liter of drinking water for 25 pigeons per day.

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