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Dr. Brockamp A.P.F 90 500 g

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(animal protein factor)


Anabolic animal protein concentration for pigeons

Protein A.P.F. 90 is an easily digested, very high quality animal protein concentration. It distinguishes itself through a high purity as well as an outstanding, balanced amino acid spectrum with a biological valence of 134. Limiting amino acids are expanded so that the fodder can be optimally utilised. These qualities make A.P.F. 90 one of the best protein preparations currently available. A specific provision with A.P.F. 90 spares the body’s own proteins and significantly shortens the regeneration time.

Animal protein is not indispensable to life, but indispensable for increased performance in peak sport. racing pigeons cover about 10 % of their own energy requirement from protein reserves, which, for the most part, results from the reduction of the musculature, whereby they lose substance from week to week during the travel time. In order to be able to regenerate this as fast as possible, the muscles need proteins. A.P.F. 90 is a natural muscle builder and has anabolic effects. During the travel time the muscle growth takes place primarily during the recovery phase, that is to say, overnight. Therefore the administering of A.P.F. 90 already on the evenings of the flight day is recommended. With increasing difficulty of the flights, the administration of A.P.F. 90 can be extended to 2-3 days.

Additional applications
The growth and the performance of the pigeon are determined by their hereditary code, the DNA. The more complete and adequate the feeding is, the closer the result comes to this presetting.

A.P.F. 90 should therefore be used in particular during the breeding and moulting phases. The fast-growing young animals, in particular, require a great deal of high-quality protein during the nest phase.

The moulting time represents a phase of special stress. For the formation of feathers, protein is almost exclusively needed. Therefore it is especially important right now to optimally supplement the low-quality protein contained in the fodder in order to avoid moulting damage.

For administering through the fodder, ideal in combination with Sedochol or Omega 3-Lecithin Oil.


5gr A.P.F. 90 on 1 kg feed for about 25 pigeons per day together with 5 ml Sedochol


Milk protein, egg white, whey protein


Close  well after use.

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