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Avianvet Pica-Pica 1 kg

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Pica Pica Avianvet  is a complementary mineral feed for birds. Contains choline chloride, carnitine, niacin, methionine, lysine, trace elements and mineral salts.

Composition of Pica Pica Avianvet:  Calcium carbonate; dicalcium phosphate; Sodium chloride; Magnesium oxide.

Additives per kg: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well-defined substances with analogous effect: Vitamin A(3a672a): 67,500 IU; Vitamin D3(3a671): 13,500IU; Vitamin B1(3a821): 100mg; Vitamin B2(3a825i): 200mg; Vitamin B6(3a831): 10mg; Vitamin B12: 15mg; Vitamin C(3a300): 100mg; Vitamin E(3a700): 75 IU; Vitamin K3(3a710): 25mg; Choline chloride(3a890): 25,000mg; DL-Carnitine hydrochloride: 10,000mg; Niacin(3a314): 1,250mg; Calcium pantonate(3a841): 600mg.

Trace elements or compounds of trace elements: Iron (E1)(Sulphate monohydrate): 400mg; Iodine(3b201)(potassium iodide): 100mg; Copper(E4)(Sulphate pentahydrate): 300mg; Manganese(E5)(Sulphate monohydrate): 640mg; Zinc(3b603)(oxide): 720mg.

Amino acids, their salts and analogs: Dl-Methionine(3c301): 10,000mg; L-lysine(3c320): 1,950mg.

Flavoring's: Mix of flavorings: 5,000mg

Analytical components: Calcium: 22.2%; Phosphorus: 3.8%; Sodium: 1.2%; Magnesium: 0.6%; Sulfur: 0.04%.

Target species: ornamental birds.

Mode of use and administration of Pica Pica Avianvet: Administer the amount of 10g of PICA PICA per kilo of breeding paste or food, being able to supply up to 20 grams per kilogram of food for 15-21 days.

Presentation of Pica Pica Avianvet: Containers of 125 g, 250 g and 1 Kg

Mineral complementary feed for ornamental birds

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