Avianvet Probiotico Bacteriano (Bacteria Probiotic) 250 g

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Avianvet Bacterial Probiotic, complementary food for birds, based on Enterococcus faecium to add to the food or drinking water of the birds.

Bacterial Probiotic Composition:  Lactose: 97%; Vegetable oil.

Additives per g: Intestinal flora stabilizers: Enterococcus faecium DSM10663/NCIMB 10415 (E1707): 1X109 CFU

Flavourings: Mixture of flavorings: 15 mg.

Analytical components: Crude protein: 1%; Crude oils and fats: 0.6%; Crude fiber: 0%; Gross ash: 1.9%; Magnesium: 0%; Lysine: 1%; Methionine: 0%.

Target species: Ornamental birds.

Mode of use and administration of Bacterial Probiotic: Use 2 grams per liter of water or 5 g per kilo of food for 5-7 days. It can be used the first days of life of the chicks.

Probiotic for birds without “Doré” effect

Presentation of Bacterial Probiotic: Containers of 250 g 

Complementary food for ornamental birds

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