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Parakeet Grey Grit 50lbs

by Browns
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Give your bird buddies the digestive support they need to thrive with Encore Natural Avian Grit from Brown’s. This all-natural premium supplement is an excellent replacement or supplement for remaining sources of calcium in their existing feeding program. It also works to help improve the gizzard function. When offered with a regular diet this high-calcium supplement can help lower feeding costs and improve feed efficiency. Brown’s Calcium Grey Grit may also help improve eggshell quality leading to fewer cracks and higher hatchability.

Key Benefits
  • Excellent digestive aid for doves and pigeons.
  • Ideal calcium replacement or supplement in their daily diet.
  • Can strengthen and fortify eggshell quality.
  • Grinding action works to improve the gizzard function.
  • High calcium levels can lower feeding costs by improving feed efficiency.
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