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ForteBird PeckingBird 200 g

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Peckingbird from ForteBird is a natural supplement to provide both feed and breeding pastes, avoiding pecking and cannibalism in our birds.

Peckingbird provides all the necessary elements so that our birds are stress-free, in a state of well-being that you will notice both in the plumage and in the health of the specimens.

Peckingbird prevents pecking due to nutritional deficiencies and acts by actively relaxing the birds.

This double function makes peckingbird a novel product, which acts effectively especially during the molting season.

In addition to peckingbird management, there are guidelines that help to have a successful molt:

Placing bathtubs with bath salts on a regular basis.

Placing toys like ropes for your entertainment.

Adequate nutrition without lack of nutrients.

Do not crowd many birds in small spaces where there are enough perches so that they are not stressed.

If possible, avoid high temperatures and avoid excess light.

Instructions for use: Administer 5 g of Peckingbird for each kg of feed or breeding paste throughout the molting process.

Composition: Contains extracts with a calming and antioxidant effect as well as nutrients such as magnesium, calcium carbonate, phosphates, calcium chloride and vitamins such as A and group B. 

Formats: 200gr, 400gr

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