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Pigeon Vitality ProGut 400g

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ProGut™ is a blend of prebiotics and phytogenics, designed to improve the immune system and the strength of racing pigeons. Ideal as feed additive in stress periods as after races, in the breeding season, in the period of YB bird weaning, the moulting season and after antibiotic cures.

  • Stabilize the microflora in the intestines
  • Immunostimulant, antibacterial (the “bad” ones only) and antioxidant
  • The phytogenics are beneficial for recuperation and racing performance
What is Prebiotics?
Prebiotics are compounds in food which induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms such as all the “good” bacteria. By adding prebiotics to the feed, it will stimulate the growth of a healthy microbiome in the gut, stomach and intestines. Prebiotics will protect against bad bacteria as e.g. Salmonella and E.coli.

Why Prebiotics and not Probiotics?
Prebiotics are a type of feed additive that the pigeon cannot digest itself. It serves as food for Probiotics and stimulates their growth. Both prebiotics and probiotics support the good and helpful bacteria and other organisms in the gut. The reason for our selection of prebiotics instead of probiotics is three-fold;
1) there are few probiotics that have passed our tests, it seems as most probiotics on canisters after a while become in-active (dead),
2) we have only found only one probiotics strain that is allowed for pigeons by EU,
3) the best test we have found are from combining the selected prebiotic with phytogenics,

What is phytogenics?
The phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) used in ProGut™ contain unique blends of herbs and spices, essential oils and other plant extracts to improve palatability and acceptance of feed, support digestion and overall performance of animals.
Stress factors, such as weaning, change of diet, environmental conditions or housing, can result in decreased feed intake, suboptimal digestion and poor utilization of nutrients. These factors negatively affect animal performance and feed efficiency. Due to its balanced and rounded flavour, phytogenics enhances the palatability of commercial diets, thus encouraging feed intake.
Phytogenics has shown to improve athletic performance by stimulating the blood system and influences absorption and utilization of dietary nutrients, thus supporting digestibility and feed efficiency as well.

Antioxidant effects from PFA
Current research at the cellular level shows that Phytogenics inhibit inflammatory processes in the gut. Simultaneously Phytogenics up-regulates the factors in the metabolism that is responsible for both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity in the body – and yes: This is why ProGut has a vital and strong effect on the recuperation of the racing pigeons if added to the grain two-three days after return from race.
Antimicrobial effect from PFA
Phytogenic ingredients are known for their antimicrobial properties, particularly against Gram-positive bacteria. Also, a great benefits for our pigeons – breeders, racers as well as the young birds.
Anti-inflammatory effects from PFA
Considerable energy may be wasted because of inflammation in the body: energy that would otherwise be used for growth and performance. Application of plant-derived substances such as PFAs that counter inflammation are therefore a viable, nonantibiotic method to promote growth and health in animals.

1 heaped included measure level (8 gram) to 1 kilo grain – mix well. Administer 2-3 days or until droppings are firm. Preferably two succeeding days after race, during moulting, weaning, after antibiotic cores and other stress situations.
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