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Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ml

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Avidress Plus

Avidress Plus contains short-chain acids that lower the pH value of the drinking water to such an extent that the risk of infection is also lowered. It also contains minerals, trace elements, herbal extracts. This mix together with the acids makes the metabolism more efficient. Pigeons looked after this way are simply healthier.

Experiences: Many vets who specialize in pigeons confirm that there is rarely any evidence of pathogenic organisms (trichomonads & bacteria) in the crop smear of pigeons fed with Avidress Plus.

Do not let it get in the eyes. Store out of reach of children. Color changes when stored longer is product specific and do not influence the quality of the product. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage which is caused by the misapplication of the product.

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation: Administered daily all year both during the racing, breeding, molting, and resting time with 10ml (1 dosing filling) to 2 liters of drinking water. The joint use of medicines should always be made in consultation with your veterinarian. Avidress Plus can be mixed with Carni-Speed, UsneGano, and Blitzform. The dosage in the bottleneck corresponds to 10ml.

Shake before use!

Hint: This feed supplement is only to be fed to racing pigeons and pets to the point of 5 of the hundred of the daily rations because of its higher contents of trace elements compared to feed.

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