Rohnfried Jungtierpulver 500g

$ 38.90


Jungtierpulver stimulates a passive and active immune system and protects the intestine. It is rich in essential amino acids with immunologically active antibodies from cow colostrum and yolks, Torula yeast, dry garlic, and powdered cellulose to stimulate the work of the intestines. Beta-glucans activate immunity, and probiotic ingredients nourish and stabilize the intestinal flora.
Jungtierpulver increases the surface of the intestine and thus increases the body's resistance because 70% of the immune system has its roots in the intestine.

Recommended use:
  • After the competition flight:

during 1-2 meals 20 g per 1 kg of feed or approx. 40 pigeons

  • Before basketing:
during 2-4 meals 10 g per 1 kg of feed or approx. 40 pigeons.

  • During increased effort:
during the breeding, training, or molting season, 4-5 times a week, 10 g per 1 kg of feed.

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