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Rohnfried K+K Gold Dragees 100 st.

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K+K Gold Dragees contain easily digestible animal protein, obtained from high-quality fish and whey protein, as well as methionine, lecithin and magnesium for the rapid regeneration of travel pigeons. The tablet hardly burdens the metabolism and is therefore ideally suited as an individual supply for late returnees or heavily flown pigeons.

*REGENERATION – during racing season carrier pigeons are exposed to extremely high stress. K+K Gold dragées support  effectively support their muscle regeneration

*MUSCLE GROWTH  – the targeted absorption of protein after a hard race stimulates protein synthesis in the skeletal muscles and consequently  the building of muscle tissue

*METHIONIN, LECITHIN & MAGNESIUM – three essential components  that perform important tasks in the metabolism: including protein formation, bone formation, and increasing brain performance

*INDIVIDUAL FEEDING – K+K Gold dragées provide the required, easily digestible protein in tablet form. Advantage: Each pigeon receives exactly the desired amount without any detours

*PROTEIN-RICH FEED REPLACEMENT – for young pigeons in growth, promotes oxygen exchange in the cells, stimulates intestinal activity, supports the detoxification function of the liver

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