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Dr. Coutteel Vit-AZ-min

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Source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and extra calcium

Vit-AZ-min  contains abundant seaweed and is supplemented with an additional source of calcium.

Seaweed contains more than 60 minerals and trace elements, each of which has a function to keep the body healthy.


  • To promote the growth of young animals.
  • To ensure a sturdy bone development.
  • To obtain a beautiful colour expression of the feathering.
  • To provide the right calcium source for a smooth oviposition and a solid scale.
  • For raptors: to prevent calcium deficiency in the diet.


  • Dosage through feeding: 3 to 4 full scoops (ca 20 g) per kg soft food.
  • For raptors: minimum twice a week topdressing over food.
  • This product can be administered all year long.


  • Powder in packages of 250 g and 1 kg.
  • Including measuring spoon.
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